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NEW:Custom stick collar - make your collar something special!!


XXL - 45mm wide - absolutely robust - the solution for the big ones


Our pull stop collar, combined with the original AustriaAlpin Cobraschnalle , is a novelty when it comes to dog collars. Many dogs do not like the pull stop collar being put on or taken off over the head. These collars in particular offer maximum security against accidentally slipping out of the collar. At the same time, the ideally selected draft limiter prevents gagging. For the dog like a comfortable, loosely worn flat collar, but at the same time a small life insurance policy in "hot situations". Not only is it much more comfortable for the dog to put on and take off, maximum safety can also be guaranteed when changing the collar or harness - for example in the car - since the collar can be put on or taken off at any time last and the Dog meanwhile is never "naked" and unsecured. 


Your previous pull-stop collar is always almost too tight on your ears when you take it off? Or you bought it bigger because of that - but now there is a risk that the head  can slip through? Then take a look at our new development.


In this product, we combine the functions of a pull-stop collar, but make it adjustable in size and there is also the option of opening the collar easily and absolutely safely using the original Cobra buckle from AustriaAlpin. This means that you can easily adjust it so that it really cannot slip over your head under tension. To remove, simply undo the Cobra buckle. Safe and easy. Convince yourself and do not hesitate to use our contact form for further questions. 

Pull Stop Collar

SKU: HU0016
PriceFrom 59,99 €
VAT Included |
Color cobra buckle
  • The collar is available in different sizes. The collars can be adjusted in length and optimally adjusted using the practical Velcro fastener.

    To determine the size, measure the circumference of your dog's neck and compare to the sizes below:


    L: about 45cm - 55cm

    XL: about 55cm - 65cm

    XXL: about 65cm - 75cm


    If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!

  • As webbing we use a webbing in the colors black, multicam black and olive green. 


    Nylon webbing type 13 class 1a woven in black manufactured according to MIL-W-4088.
    Width: 45mm
    Thickness: 2.12mm
    Weight: 62.57 g/m
    Maximum pulling force: 4098kg


    Cobra buckle AustriaAlpin 

    AustriAlpin 9006381009732 The COBRA® PRO STYLE is a buckle that meets the highest safety requirements for its users, as it can only be opened when it is unloaded by pressing both clips at the same time. In conjunction with the appropriate strap, this buckle is guaranteed to hold 18 kN in the strapping. EN358:2018-11 (partial) PSA19-033

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