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With this sling you have your hands free while you go for a walk - and you still have constant control over your four-legged friend.



How can that work you ask yourself?




The sling is carried over the head on the shoulder like a shoulder bag. Since the sling is specially sewn into one another by means of a belt / hose band combination, it is given a certain rigidity. This makes putting on and taking off considerably easier, since it does not collapse like conventional slings.




Another important advantage is that the metal ring is not firmly sewn into the sling, but can move freely in the sling, so the sling does not rub on the clothing when the dog moves to the left and right in front of the dog owner.


With conventional products, the dog leash is usually permanently connected to the sling, and it is almost inevitable that the sling or the "self-knotted" leash rubs against clothing.


We significantly minimize this.






The "hands-free" dog sling is particularly suitable for large / heavy / strong dogs, as the jolt / blow that every dog ​​owner knows when the dog suddenly jumps on the leash and it hits you in the shoulder or hip, Depending on where the leash was attached to the dog owner, our sling is significantly reduced, as the entire upper body can be used as a counterweight, so to speak. That makes itself very clear z. B. noticeable when jogging.

Dog leash "Handsfree"

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  • We offer you one  Set of the following items with: 


    1) Leash of your choice:


    a) with shock absorber made of high-quality tubular tape

    The leash can easily be taken with you via a clicker  Connected to your sling and easily adjusted to your size/needs. You want to jog? No problem. The sewn-in rubber band noticeably buffers your dog's jerky movements. You want to vary the length of the leash and use it as a "normal dog leash"? This can also be done with just one movement. See for yourself. 


    b) with super soft grip in front and practical  loop  Rear

    Do you want your dog leash to be of the length you want? Then the leash is just the thing. Wind up "superfluous" lines easily and fix them at the end - so this doesn't bother you at all. By simply rolling it up, you can still use the practical handle at the end at any time. See for yourself. 


    2) Adapter for flexi - leash


    Do you want to continue using the retractable/flexible leash you have already purchased? We have also thought of this. Use the adapter for the retractable/flexible leash to fix it  very easy and click the adapter piece onto the sling. This means you can use your conventional retractable/flexible leash normally - but always have your hands free. 


    3) stroller adaptation


    You can adapt the pram to the pram, sled or other companions  attach. You can easily attach your dog leash to the adapter and you have both hands free again. In the winter you can easily tow sleds and bobs. Try it. 

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Various gears and a shield Made in Germa
Various gears and a shield Made in Germa
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