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The dog leash offered here has a length of approx. 170cm - 210cm under tension due to the shock absorber. The leash can easily be attached to a stroller or other vehicle using an adapter. Of course, the leash is also compatible with the appropriate OneSling set. The leash can therefore with  or used without OneSling. 


This leash system is recommended for "smaller" dogs. If your dog is bigger or a bit more "stormy", we recommend our leash system without shock absorbers and a practical handle. 

Dog leash with shock absorber and stroller adapter - "Neon Edition"

SKU: HU0007
39,99 €Price
VAT Included |
Color dog leash
Color application
  • If the leash is to be combined with an existing set, it must be ensured that the same type of closure is selected (Cobra buckle can only be combined with Cobra buckle, etc.)

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Various gears and a shield Made in Germa
Various gears and a shield Made in Germa
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