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We offer you our individually configurable work leash "PiranhaSport" - recommended and developed together with succesful international canine athletes Maria and Markus Neutz.


With this unique PiranhaSport leash, we provide you a range of indivualisation options - whether it is a practical handle on the front, a loop on the back, or stoppers sewn into the webbing.


All lines have a sewn-on Velcro - so you can individualize your line with appropriate patches.

Work leash - "PiranhaSport"

SKU: HU0015
PriceFrom 16,99 €
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Leash color
  • For lines with a length of 1.0 meter with a handle on the front and a loop on the rear, only a single stopper can be sewn in.


    The loop at the back is sewn in such a way, that it acts like a stopper.


    In the case of lines WITHOUT a handle at the front, the stoppers are sewn in at 30 cm and 65 cm from the end of the carabiner.

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